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Summary of Molecular Data
Sample and subject counts organized by Consent Group and Molecular Data Type

StudyMolecular Data TypeConsent Group
phs000424.v5.p1 CNV Genotypes 180 180
phs000424.v5.p1 RNA Seq (NGS) 9613 551
phs000424.v5.p1 SNP Genotypes (Array) 381 186
phs000424.v5.p1 SNP Genotypes (NGS) 180 180
phs000424.v5.p1 SNP Genotypes (imputed) 185 185
phs000424.v5.p1 Whole Exome (NGS) 180 180
phs000424.v5.p1 mRNA Expression (Array) 837 103


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