Analysis Name and Accession
Analysis Name: OncoArray Lung Cancer - Meta-Analysis Of Lung Cancer GWAS
Analysis Accession: pha004930.1

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Analysis Description
We combined imputed genotypes from 14,803 cases and 12,262 controls from the Oncoarray series with 14,463 cases and 44,188 controls samples undertaken by the previous TRICL GWAS(Timofeeva et al, HMG 2012). Each study center provided summary statistics from a logistic regression adjusted for age, gender, country (if applicable) and significant principal components.
Analysis Methods
We conducted the fixed effects meta-analysis with the inverse variance weighting method. All meta-analysis and calculations were performed using SAS version 9.4 (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA). As the same referent panel was used for all studies, all SNPs showed the same forward alignment profiles. We excluded poorly imputed SNPs defined by imputation quality Rsq < 0.3 or Info < 0.4 for each meta-analysis component and SNPs with a MAF >0.01. Adjusted Lambda = 1.0035.
Analysis Plots
The following plots were generated by dbGaP based on the data that was submitted and are not necessarily from any publications noted under Selected Publications.

Selected Publications