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Analysis Name and Accession
Name: A Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis Of SNP And SNP-By-Smoking Interaction (Ever/Never) For FEV1/FVC
Accession: pha003903.1

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Analysis Description
The Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epimiology (CHARGE) consortium was formed to facilitate genome-wide association study meta-analyses and replication among large, well-phenotyped cohort studies. CHARGE has incorporated many genomic and phenotypic data from other cohorts, depending on the phenotype. The basic design was estimation of SNP and SNP-smoking interaction effects on the outcome of FEV1/FVC as a measure of obstructive lung disease independent of lung size. Smoking in this analysis was defined as a dichotomy (ever/never). The discovery meta-analysis was conducted in 19 studies with GWAS data with European ancestry participants with FEV1/FVC and smoking data. Association analysis between genotype and genotype-smoking interaction with respect to FEV1/FVC was conducted separately within each study cohort according to a pre-specified plan. For each SNP, GWAS-specific results were combined using inverse-variance weighted meta-analysis in METAL.
Analysis Plots
Analysis Plots
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