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Reverse e-PCR

The Electronic PCR (e-PCR) tool will be retired on June 28, 2017. Please consider using Primer-BLAST if you are interested in designing PCR primers or identifying target sequences for your primers.


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Database availability
Organism genome transcriptome gencoll
Anopheles gambiae ref_assembly 3.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Arabidopsis thaliana ref_assembly 9.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Caenorhabditis elegans ref_assembly 8.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Danio rerio ref_assembly 3.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Drosophila melanogaster ref_assembly 9.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Homo sapiens ref_assembly 37.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Macaca mulatta ref_assembly 1.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Mus musculus ref_strain 37.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Oryza sativa ref_assembly 4.1 snapshot 2012/11/14
Rattus norvegicus ref_assembly 4.1 snapshot 2012/11/14

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