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Population Detail
Submitter Population Handle: PGA-UW-FHCRC
Submitter Population ID: PGA_EXTEND-PANEL
Population Text:
This population of DNA available from the Coriell Cell Repository (CCR). Listed below are the local individual identifier and the corresponding CCR ID. PGA_EXTEND_ID CCR_ID V031 NA17021 V032 NA17022 V033 NA17023 V034 NA17024 V035 NA17026 V036 NA17027 V071 NA17051 V072 NA17052 V073 NA17053 V074 NA17054 V075 NA17055 V076 NA17056 V077 NA17057 V080 NA17070 V081 NA17061 V082 NA17062 V083 NA17063 V084 NA17064 V085 NA17065 V086 NA17066 V087 NA17067 V088 NA17068 V089 NA17069 V130 NA17090 V131 NA17081 V132 NA17082 V133 NA17083 V134 NA17084 V135 NA17085 V136 NA17086 V137 NA17087 V138 NA17088 V139 NA17089 V321 NA16654 V322 NA16688 V323 NA16689 V324 NA17014 V325 NA17015 V326 NA17016 V327 NA17017

This population has the following individual samples:
ind id
dbSNP_ind_id Submitted
ind grp
V324 815
V325 816
V326 817
V327 818
V071 822
V072 823
V073 824
V074 825
V075 826
V076 827
V077 828
V321 1724
V322 1725
V323 1726
V131 1727
V132 1728
V133 1729
V134 1730
V135 1731
V136 1732
V137 1733
V138 1734
V139 1735
V130 1736
V031 12410
V032 12411
V033 12412
V034 12413
V035 12414
V036 12415
V081 12439
V082 12440
V083 12441
V084 12442
V085 12443
V086 12444
V087 12445
V088 12446
V089 12447
V080 12448

Following lists up to 1000 submissions in each type(assay,genotype,frequency) linked to this population:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
PGA-UW-FHCRC Frequency CRP-PGA_EXTEND-020306 126

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