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SNP linked to Gene (geneID:10728) Via Contig Annotation

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Total gene model (contig mRNA transcript): 10
mrnatranscriptproteinmrna orientationContigContig LabelList SNP
XM_011537774.1minus strandXP_011536076.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2<- currently shown
XM_011537773.1minus strandXP_011536075.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel
XM_006719199.1minus strandXP_006719262.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel
XM_005268576.3minus strandXP_005268633.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel
NM_006601.6minus strandNP_006592.3reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel
NM_001282605.1minus strandNP_001269534.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel
NM_001282604.1minus strandNP_001269533.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel
NM_001282603.1minus strandNP_001269532.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel
NM_001282602.1minus strandNP_001269531.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel
NM_001282601.1minus strandNP_001269530.1reverseNT_029419.13GRCh38.p2View snp on GeneModel

Clinical Source in gene region cSNP has frequency double hit

gene model
(contig mRNA transcript):
Contig LabelContigmrnaproteinmrna orientationtranscriptsnp count
GRCh38.p2NT_029419.13XM_011537774.1XP_011536076.1reverseminus strand43, coding

Region Chr.
dbSNP rs#
cluster id
Validation MAF Allele
3D Linkout Function dbSNP
Amino acid
56664488820 rs765488908 0.000 missenseAGlu [E]3137
contig referenceTAsp [D]3137
56664789796 rs763312221 0.000 synonymousTAsp [D]3129
contig referenceCAsp [D]3129
56670279780 rs13378079 0.012byClusterbyFreqwithHapMapFreq missenseTPhe [F]2124
contig referenceCSer [S]2124
56670285774 rs756761948 0.000 missenseAHis [H]2122
contig referenceGArg [R]2122
56670286773 rs374027813 0.000byClusterbyFreq missenseASer [S]1122
missenseGGly [G]1122
missenseTCys [C]1122
contig referenceCArg [R]1122
56670298761 rs111985538 0.500 missenseCPro [P]1118
contig referenceTSer [S]1118
56670301758 rs367879687 0.000byClusterbyFreqWith1000GenomeData0.0006 missenseTLeu [L]1117
contig referenceAMet [M]1117
56670302757 rs748522169 0.000 synonymousTAsp [D]3116
contig referenceCAsp [D]3116
56670308751 rs772431271 0.000 missenseGGlu [E]3114
contig referenceTAsp [D]3114
56670326733 rs201765287 0.000byClusterWith1000GenomeData0.0002 synonymousTAsp [D]3108
contig referenceCAsp [D]3108
56670339720 rs747223970 0.000 missenseGSer [S]2104
contig referenceAAsn [N]2104
56670341718 rs770965046 0.000 synonymousTPhe [F]3103
contig referenceCPhe [F]3103
56670347712 rs142697986 0.000byCluster synonymousTVal [V]3101
contig referenceCVal [V]3101
56670348711 rs113654138 N.D.byCluster missenseAAsp [D]2101
missenseGGly [G]2101
contig referenceTVal [V]2101
56670363696 rs146309298 0.000byClusterWith1000GenomeData0.0002 missenseCPro [P]296
contig referenceTLeu [L]296
56671761679 rs778872363 0.000 frame shift-Gly [G]392
contig referenceAAAAGlu [E]392
56671773670 rs768397782 0.000byFreq synonymousGPro [P]387
contig referenceAPro [P]387
56671779664 rs12303391 0.000byClusterbyFreqWith1000GenomeData0.0004 synonymousGSer [S]385
contig referenceASer [S]385
56671793650 rs761443852 0.000 missenseALys [K]181
contig referenceGGlu [E]181
56671827616 rs200475824 0.000byClusterWith1000GenomeData0.0002 synonymousAThr [T]369
contig referenceGThr [T]369
56672740595 rs772889185 0.000byFreq synonymousCAsn [N]362
contig referenceTAsn [N]362
56672748587 rs376525402 0.000byCluster missenseAAsn [N]160
contig referenceGAsp [D]160
56672753582 rs770484481 0.000 missenseATyr [Y]258
contig referenceGCys [C]258
56672764571 rs139532897 0.000byCluster synonymousCAsp [D]354
contig referenceTAsp [D]354
56672766569 rs758914594 0.000 missenseAAsn [N]154
contig referenceGAsp [D]154
56672782553 rs764685182 0.000byClusterbyFreq missenseTAsn [N]348
contig referenceGLys [K]348
56672786549 rs566679377 0.000With1000GenomeData0.0002 missenseATyr [Y]247
contig referenceTPhe [F]247
56672792543 rs762280813 0.000 missenseCAla [A]245
contig referenceAAsp [D]245
56672803532 rs765237447 0.000byFreq synonymousTLeu [L]341
contig referenceCLeu [L]341
56672957520 rs753963735 0.000 synonymousGThr [T]337
contig referenceAThr [T]337
56672958519 rs190236994 0.000byClusterWith1000GenomeData0.0002 missenseALys [K]237
missenseGArg [R]237
contig referenceCThr [T]237
56672962515 rs752737150 0.000 missenseGVal [V]136
contig referenceCLeu [L]136
56672971506 rs372802021 0.000byCluster missenseGGlu [E]133
contig referenceALys [K]133
56672975502 rs777621222 0.000 synonymousCPhe [F]331
contig referenceTPhe [F]331
56672994483 rs141815775 0.002byClusterbyFreqWith1000GenomeData0.0036 missenseGArg [R]225
contig referenceALys [K]225
56673001476 rs11171924 N.D. missenseAAsn [N]123
contig referenceGAsp [D]123
56673027450 rs770674373 0.000byFreq missenseGCys [C]214
contig referenceATyr [Y]214
56673031446 rs780940288 0.000 missenseAAsn [N]113
contig referenceGAsp [D]113
56673033444 rs745488227 0.000 missenseALys [K]212
contig referenceGArg [R]212
56673037440 rs150974427 0.000byCluster synonymousAArg [R]111
contig referenceCArg [R]111
56673047430 rs774861264 0.000 synonymousALys [K]37
contig referenceGLys [K]37
56673057420 rs748745677 0.000 missenseGGly [G]24
contig referenceCAla [A]24
56673059418 rs772716183 0.000 synonymousCPro [P]33
contig referenceTPro [P]33

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