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Human immunodeficiency virus 1 reverse transcriptase (pol) gene, partial cds.

PopSet: 183585690

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Prevention of rectal SHIV transmission in macaques by daily or intermittent prophylaxis with emtricitabine and tenofovir.

Garcia-Lerma,J.G., Otten,R.A., Qari,S.H., Jackson,E., Cong,M.E., Masciotra,S., Luo,W., Kim,C., Adams,D.R., Monsour,M., Lipscomb,J., Johnson,J.A., Delinsky,D., Schinazi,R.F., Janssen,R., Folks,T.M. and Heneine,W.

(2008) PLoS Med. 5:(2)E28

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Sequences in this data set

  • EU439615.1HIV-1 clone P1-129 from USA reverse transcriptase (pol) gene, partial cds
  • EU439614.1HIV-1 clone C2-64 from Canada reverse transcriptase (pol) gene, partial cds
  • EU439613.1HIV-1 clone C1-23 from Canada reverse transcriptase (pol) gene, partial cds

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