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Simian immunodeficiency virus pol protein (pol) gene, partial cds.

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Partial molecular characterization of two simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIV) from African colobids: SIVwrc from Western red colobus (Piliocolobus badius) and SIVolc from olive colobus (Procolobus verus).

Courgnaud,V., Formenty,P., Akoua-Koffi,C., Noe,R., Boesch,C., Delaporte,E. and Peeters,M.

(2003) J. Virol. 77:(1)744-748

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Sequences in this data set

  • AY138269.1Simian immunodeficiency virus isolate SIVolc-97IC-12 pol protein (pol) gene, partial cds
  • AY138268.1Simian immunodeficiency virus isolate SIVwrc-97IC-14 pol protein (pol) gene, partial cds
  • AY138267.1Simian immunodeficiency virus isolate SIVwrc-00IC-04 pol protein (pol) gene, partial cds
  • AY138266.1Simian immunodeficiency virus isolate SIVwrc-98IC-04 pol protein (pol) gene, partial cds
  • AY138265.1Simian immunodeficiency virus isolate SIVwrc-96IC-M001 pol protein (pol) gene, partial cds

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