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Myxoma virus, complete genome.

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Evolutionary history and attenuation of myxoma virus on two continents.

Kerr,P.J., Ghedin,E., Depasse,J.V., Fitch,A., Cattadori,I.M., Hudson,P.J., Tscharke,D.C., Read,A.F. and Holmes,E.C.

(2012) PLoS Pathog. 8:(10)E1002950

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Sequences in this data set

  • JX565584.1Myxoma virus isolate BD23, complete genome
  • JX565583.1Myxoma virus isolate SWH 1209, complete genome
  • JX565582.1Myxoma virus isolate Wellington, complete genome
  • JX565581.1Myxoma virus isolate WS6 346, complete genome
  • JX565580.1Myxoma virus isolate WS6 1071, complete genome
  • JX565579.1Myxoma virus isolate WS1 328, complete genome
  • JX565578.1Myxoma virus isolate WS1 234, complete genome
  • JX565577.1Myxoma virus isolate Uriarra, complete genome
  • JX565576.1Myxoma virus isolate SWH, complete genome
  • JX565575.1Myxoma virus isolate SWH 8-2-93, complete genome
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