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Homo sapiens mitochondrion, complete genome.

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Study Details

Ancient mitochondrial genomes reveal the kinship structure and genetic affinities of Neolithic Catalhoyuk people

Chylenski,M., Juras,A., Ehler,E., Somel,M., Krzewinska,M., Dabert,M., Yaka,R. and Marciniak,A.

Sequences in this data set

  • MK308707.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_30900 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MK308706.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_21981 mitochondrion, partial genome
  • MK308705.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_20850 mitochondrion, partial genome
  • MK308704.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_20832 mitochondrion, partial genome
  • MK308703.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_20810 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MK308702.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_20374 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MK308701.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_20351 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MK308700.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_20036 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MK308699.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_19727 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MK308698.1Homo sapiens isolate Catalhoyuk_19159 mitochondrion, complete genome

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