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Homo sapiens mitochondrion, complete genome.

PopSet: 1464230165

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Mitochondrial genomes reveal an east to west cline of steppe ancestry in Corded Ware populations.

Juras,A., Chylenski,M., Ehler,E., Malmstrom,H., Zurkiewicz,D., Wlodarczak,P., Wilk,S., Peska,J., Fojtik,P., Kralik,M., Libera,J., Baginska,J., Tunia,K., Klochko,V.I., Dabert,M., Jakobsson,M. and Kosko,A.

(08-02-2018) Sci Rep 8:(1)11603

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Sequences in this data set

  • MH176355.1Homo sapiens isolate poz94 mitochondrion, partial genome
  • MH176354.1Homo sapiens isolate poz90 mitochondrion, partial genome
  • MH176353.1Homo sapiens isolate poz356 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MH176352.1Homo sapiens isolate poz287 mitochondrion, partial genome
  • MH176351.1Homo sapiens isolate poz286 mitochondrion, partial genome
  • MH176350.1Homo sapiens isolate poz282 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MH176349.1Homo sapiens isolate poz281 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MH176348.1Homo sapiens isolate poz280 mitochondrion, complete genome
  • MH176347.1Homo sapiens isolate poz279 mitochondrion, partial genome
  • MH176346.1Homo sapiens isolate poz257 mitochondrion, partial genome
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