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New Journal Application

Participation in PMC is open to any life sciences journal that meets NLM's standards for the archive and whose primary content is largely in English. A journal must qualify on two levels, both the Scientific quality of the publication, and the technical quality of the digital files. Accepted journals provide full text XML/SGML as well as accompanying media and supplementary material files to PMC.

As of May 1, 2018 the eligibility requirements for participating under the NIH Portfolio option have been updated. Please visit the Agreement Types section on the PMC Policies page for details about this change and our policies for the other participation options.

A detailed explanation on How to Participate in PMC can be found on this page.

Publishers interested in joining PMC should also review the PMC FAQs and PMC Policies.

  • PMC participating publishers should use their PMC provided My NCBI to properly associate it with their existing publisher account.


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