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For content submitted in the NLM Journal Publishing Tag Set, PMC has compiled a set of tagging requirements. The resources and tools listed below assist in generating XML according to this style. Compliance with PMC style is preferred and facilitates a more efficient workflow through PMC.

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  • Tagging Guidelines

    Detailed instructions for tagging journal articles in XML beyond simply validating against the NLM DTD. This resource should be used when marking up content for PubMed Central. (Updates to the Tagging Guidelines are announced through a publicly available email distribution list).

  • Style Checker

    The Online PMC Style Checker is an interactive tool which provides a detailed report of all items in an article tagged using the Journal Publishing DTD, that do not comply with PMC's Tagging Guidelines. The report will list items as either warnings or errors. Errors are required fixes and warnings are suggested fixes.

    The downloadable NLM Style Checker is a set of XSL stylesheets that check PMC, Bookshelf, or NIHMS style compliance.

  • Article Previewer

    This tool allows you to view an article as it would appear in PubMed Central.

  • Math Previewer

    Use this tool to create a GIF or PNG rendering of MathML or LaTeX code.

  • XML Validator

    Use this tool to validate XML files against a DTD. The DTD must be identified with a properly formed DOCTYPE declaration.

  • SGML Validator

    Use this tool to validate SGML files that will be submitted to PMC. The DTD must be identified with a properly formed DOCTYPE declaration, and the DTD must have previously been submitted to PMC.

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Last updated: Wed, 11 Mar 2015