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This page provides information about PubMed Central® (PMC) for both new and currently participating publishers, along with links to many of our resources.

New to PMC?

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PMC is a free archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM). It is a repository for journal literature deposited by participating publishers, as well as for author manuscripts that have been submitted in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy and similar policies of other research funding agencies.

You may also be interested in

  • PMC Overview, which provides information on PMC’s core principles.
  • FAQs for Publishers
  • PMC and Research Funder Policies, which includes an up-to-date list of funders that have implemented policies naming PMC as the repository for their supported research.
  • Policies, which provides an overview of key PMC policies, including those on corrections, retractions, systematic downloading of articles, and more.

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Interested in participating in PMC?

PMC offers publishers a number of ways for publishers to archive their content in PMC.

Before you apply, please reviewHands

  • How to Include a Journal in PMC, which provides critical information on the PMC application process, including pre-application requirements, Scientific Quality Review, and Technical Requirements.
  • How Papers Get Into PMC, which provides an overview of the PMC submission methods, along with additional information on the different participation options.
  • Participation Agreements and Options, which includes additional details on the participation options for a publisher or journal.

How to Apply: PMC Publisher Portal

The PMC Publisher Portal is a tool for publishers to initiate a new PMC application or track an existing application.

Publishers who are applying to PMC for the first time will also be asked to complete a series of questions about their organization. Current PMC participants may also need to complete these questions upon request to ensure that NLM’s records are current.

If a publisher does not want to participate in PMC but wants to support authors who must comply with a PMC-participating funder policy, they can contact for more information on establishing a publisher account in the NIH Manuscript Submission system. NIHMS publisher accounts are reserved for publishers and journals that publish significant volume of research supported by NIH and/or other participating funding agencies.

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