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Animal social complexity : intelligence, culture, and individualized societies

Waal, F B M de (Frans B M)1948-
Tyack, Peter L
Animal social complexity : intelligence, culture, and individualized societies / edited by Frans B.M. de Waal and Peter L. Tyack.
Country of Publication:
United States
Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2003.
xiv, 616 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Behavior, Animal*
Cooperative Behavior
Social Behavior
Includes bibliographical references (pages 495-593) and index.
Life history and cognitive evolution in primates / Carel P. van Schaik and Robert O. Deaner -- Case study. Sociality and disease risk : a comparative study of leukocyte counts in primates / Charles L. Nunn -- Dolphin social complexity : lessons from long-term study and life history / Randall S. Wells -- Sources of social complexity in the three elephant species / Katy Payne -- Complex cooperation among Taï chimpanzees / Christophe Boesch -- Case study. Coalitionary aggression in white-faced capuchins / Susan Perry -- Case study. Levels and patterns in dolphin alliance formation / Richard C. Connor and Michael Krützen -- The social complexity of spotted hyenas / Christine M. Drea and Laurence G. Frank -- Case study. Maternal rank "inheritance" in the spotted hyena / Anne Engh and Kay E. Holekamp -- Is social stress a consequence of subordination or a cost of dominance? / Scott Creel and Jennifer L. Sands -- Case study. Sperm whale social structure : why it takes a village to raise a child / Sarah L. Mesnick [and others] -- Equivalence classification as an approach to social knowledge : from sea lions to simians / Ronald J. Schusterman, Colleen Reichmuth Kastak and David Kastak -- The structure of social knowledge in monkeys / Robert M. Seyfarth and Dorothy L. Cheney -- Social syntax : the if-then structure of social problem solving / Frans B.M. de Waal -- Case study. Conflict resolution in the spotted hyena / Sofia A. Wahaj and Kay E. Holekamp -- Laughter and smiling : the intertwining of nature and culture / Jan A.R.A.M. van Hooff and Signe Preuschoft -- Case study. Emotional recognition by chimpanzees / Lisa A. Parr -- Vocal communication in wild parrots / Jack W. Bradbury.
Case study. Representational vocal signaling in the chimpanzee / Karen I. Hallberg, Douglas A. Nelson and Sarah T. Boysen -- Social and vocal complexity in bats / Gerald S. Wilkinson -- Dolphins communicate about individual-specific social relationships / Peter L. Tyack -- Case study. Natural semanticity in wild primates / Klaus Zuberbühler -- Koshima monkeys and Bossou chimpanzees : long-term research on culture in nonhuman primates / Tetsuro Matsuzawa -- Case study. Movement imitation in monkeys / Bernhard Voelkl and Ludwig Huber -- Individuality and flexibility of cultural behavior patterns in chimpanzees / Toshisada Nishida -- Case study. Sex differences in termite fishing among Gombe chimpanzees / Stephanie S. Pandolfi, Carel P. van Schaik and Anne E. Pusey -- Ten dispatches from the chimpanzee culture wars / W.C. McGrew -- Case study. Spontaneous use of tools by semifree-ranging capuchin monkeys / Eduardo B. Ottoni and Massimo Mannu -- Society and culture in the deep and open ocean : the sperm whale and other cetaceans / Hal Whitehead -- Case study. Do killer whales have culture? / Harald Yurk -- Discovering culture in birds : the role of learning and development / Meredith J. West, Andrew P. King and David J. White.
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