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Bone research protocols

Helfrich, Miep H
Ralston, Stuart
Bone research protocols / edited by Miep H. Helfrich, Stuart H. Ralston.
Methods in molecular biology, ; 816 ISSN 1064-3745
Springer protocols
2nd ed.
Country of Publication:
United States
New York, NY : Humana Press, c2012.
xiv, 643 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm.
1617794147 (alk. paper)
9781617794148 (alk. paper)
1617794155 (ebk.)
9781617794155 (ebk.)
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Bone and Bones/cytology*
Histological Techniques/methods
Publication Type(s):
Laboratory Manual
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Also issued online.
Primary human osteoblast cultures / Jane P. Dillon ... [et al.] -- Osteoblast isolation from murine calvaria and long bones / Astrid D. Bakker and Jenneke Klein-Nulend -- Rat osteoblast cultures / Isabel R. Orriss, Sarah E.B. Taylor, and Timothy R. Arnett -- Isolation of primary avian osteocytes / Cor M. Semeins, Astrid D. Bakker, and Jenneke Klein-Nulend -- Isolation of mouse osteocytes using cell fractionation for gene expression analysis/ Christine Halleux ... [et al.] -- Studying osteocyte function using the cell lines MLO-Y4 and MLO-A5 / Jennifer Rosser and Lynda F. Bonewald -- Isolation, differentiation, and characterisation of skeletal stem cells from human bone marrow in vitro and in vivo / Rahul S. Tare ... [et al.] -- Rodent osteoclast cultures / Isabel R. Orriss and Timothy R. Arnett -- Isolation and culture of primary chicken osteoclasts / Patricia Collin-Osdoby and Philip Osdoby -- Isolation and purification of rabbit osteoclasts / Fraser P. Coxon, Michael J. Rogers, and Julie C. Crockett -- Generation of human osteoclasts from peripheral blood / Kim Henriksen ... [et al.] -- Osteoclast formation in mouse co-cultures / Cecile Itzstein and Robert J. Van 't Hof -- RANKL-mediated osteoclast formation from murine RAW 264.7 cells / Patricia Collin-Osdoby and Philip Osdoby -- Transfection of osteoclasts and osteoclast precursors / Julie C. Crockett, David J. Mellis, and Adam Taylor -- Analysis of signalling pathways by western blotting and immunoprecipitation / Aymen I. Idris -- Analysis of transcriptional regulation in bone cells / Huilin Jin and Stuart H. Ralston -- Extraction of nucleic acids from bone / Alun Hughes, Tracy L. Stewart, and Val Mann -- Analysis of gene expression in bone by quantitative RT/PCR / Alun Hughes -- Histomorphometry in rodents / Reinhold G. Erben and Martin Glösmann -- Studying gene expression in bone by in situ hybridization / Ina Kramer ... [et al.] -- Immunostaining of skeletal tissues / Tobias B. Kurth and Cosimo De Bari -- Techniques for the study of apoptosis in bone / Sudeh Riahi and Brendon Noble -- Transmission electron microscopy of bone / Vincent Everts ... [et al.] -- Scanning electron microscopy of bone / Alan Boyde -- Fluorescence imaging of osteoclasts using confocal microscopy / Fraser P. Coxon -- Live imaging of bone cell and organ cultures / Sarah L. Dallas and Patricia A. Veno -- Analysis of bone architecture in rodents using microcomputed tomography / Robert J. van 't Hof -- Bone measurements by peripheral quantitative computed tomography in rodents / Jürg A. Gasser and Johannes Willnecker -- Quantitative X-ray imaging of rodent bone by Faxitron / J.H. Duncan Bassett ... [et al.] -- Bioluminescence imaging of bone metastasis in rodents / Thomas J.A. Snoeks ... [et al.] -- Fourier transform infrared imaging of bone / Eleftherios P. Paschalis -- Raman microscopy of bone / Simon R. Goodyear and Richard M. Aspden -- The calvarial injection assay / Robert J. van 't Hof -- Ovariectomy/orchidectomy in rodents / Aymen I. Idris -- Mechanical properties of bone ex vivo / Simon R. Goodyear and Richard M. Aspden -- Mechanical stimulation of bone cells using fluid flow / Carmen Huesa and Astrid D. Bakker -- Using cell and organ culture models to analyze responses of bone cells to mechanical stimulation / Andrew A. Pitsillides and Simon C.F. Rawlinson -- In vivo mechanical loading / Roberto Lopes de Souza and Leanne Saxon.
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