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Liber Serapionis aggregatus ex medicinis simplicibus ...

Ibn Serapion
Windsor, Thomas, 1831-1910, former owner
Galen. De virtute centaureae
Nicolaus, Rheginus1280-1350
Simon, of Genoaactive 13th century
Abraham ben Shem-tob, 13th cent
National Library of Medicine, Manuscript MS E 40
Liber Serapionis aggregatus ex medicinis simplicibus ...
Other Title(s):
Liber aggregatus ex medicinis simplicibus
[S.l, 14--].
139 leaves : Paper ; 390 x 275 (265 x 185) mm.
Schullian, D.M. NLM incun., 525
Faye & Bond p. 135, no. 40.
Materia Medica
Pharmaceutical Preparations
Plants, Medicinal
Publication Type(s):
Manuscript codex.
Texts of Ibn Serapion, Liber aggregatus in medicinis simplicibus, and Galen, De virtute centaureae.
Text in Latin.
Title from incipit.
"The pseudo-Galenic tract De virtute centaureae is known only in this Latin version by Nicolaus Rheginus": NLM 16th c., p. 614.
"... De simplici medicina (also known as De medicamentis simplicibus and De temperamentis simplicium) of Ibn Serapion is by Simon Genuensis, aided by Abraham ben shem-tob": NLM 16th c., p. 614.
Collation: Paper; iv (18th c. paper) + 139 + iv (18 c. paper); Pastedowns are not part of gathering; text fols. have watermark (not in Briquet): shield quartered with trefoils and stripes; endpages have watermark: Af Montgolier Dannonay 1771. 1-1310 1410 (−10). Quires signed in center of lower margin with arabic numerals, possibly in the scribe's hand, and right corner in roman numerals, in a different hand; many signatures trimmed or partly trimmed; vertical catchwords.
Layout: Written in 2 columns of 55 lines (fol. 1r-133v) and 59 lines (fol. 134r-139r) ; ruled in dry point with full-length bounding lines.
Script: Written in cursive hybrida book hand (hybrida cursiva literaria); second col. of fol. 133v-139v written in a different hand.
Decoration: 3-line initial in red and blue (fol. 137r), 3-line initials (fol. 111v and 114v) and 2-line caligraphic initials throughout in alternating red and blue. Paragraph marks and some at beginning of sentences in red or blue. Space for a 16-line initial (fol. 1r), but not filled in; blue spiral line-fillers.
Origin: Written in 15th c., probably from Northern Europe, based on script (i.e. loopless cursive. See A. Derolez, The Paleography of Gothic Manuscript Books, p. 131, 163ff.).
NLM microfilm copy shelved as: Film 48-109 no. 2
NLM microfilm copy shelved as: Film 63-18 no. 1
Microfilm. 1 microfilm reel : negative ; 35 mm.
Microfilm. 1 microfilm reel : negative ; 35 mm.
Cite As:
Bethesda, MD, National Library of Medicine, Manuscript MS E 40.
Item catalogued from existing description: Schullian; and in hand by National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division, 10/2006.
Provenance: on front pastedown: description of ms. and first printed ed. in 18th? c. hand and shelfmark "200 M.no.I"; on fol. ir: quotation about Simon de Janua from "J.A. Fabricii. Bibl. Graeca ... 1726"; probably rebound in France in late 18th c. (endpapers watermarked 1771, from a paper mill in D'annonay); note by Thomas Windsor, May 5, 1871; fol. 138v, beneath text, in medieval hand: [?]lmont.
Contents: fol. 1r: "Incipit liber serapio[n]is agg[re]gat[us] ex medicinis simplicib[us] ex dictis dyoscoridis et galieni ...; [rubr.] Inquit serapio; [text] Postq[uam] vidi librum dyascoridis et libr[um] G. in medicinis simplicibus aggregatos. (TK col. 1077); [fol. 137r, line 12] ... et desiccat calefactione [et] desiccatione forti. Explicit aggregator serapionis; [fol. 137r, line 16] Incipit lib[er] g[alieni] ad papiam de virtute centauree ...[text] Ego vidi frater mi papia vidi sicut themistius famosus magister (TK col. 492); [fol. 137v] Et in centaurea in ta[n]tum dicta sufficiant. Explicit galieni de centaurea ad papiam medicum ..."
Other ID:
100908994 [Manuscript]

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