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Swapnil Hiremath (University of Ottawa) serves as guarantor for this PubMed Commons Journal Club.

NephJC uses the nephrology (and related specialties) Twitter community to generate a healthy discussion and critical review of the literature that is driving nephrology. It is open to anyone with an interest in the topic: we have had nephrologists, residents and fellows, other specialists (including cardiologists, internists, urologists, radiologists, clinical pharmacologists), and even patient advocates taking part in the discussion.

We do the NephJC live chat in two time zones, two times a month: every other Tuesday at 9PM Eastern Time for the Americas, and the day after, at 8 PM GMT on every other Wednesday for the European/African community. About a week before the Twitter discussion, we post background information on about the article and invite comments and questions, which will be discussed during the live chat. Make sure you include the hashtag  #NephJC to ensure we see all of the commentary. The live chat is an hour-long discussion on Twitter. A summary of the conversation is storify’d (i.e., a curation of the tweets from the live chat) and the background post is updated with links to the Storify and the Twitter transcript. We also write a brief comment for PubMed Commons, linking to the transcript and summary blog post, so that readers who chance upon the abstract on PubMed will be able to benefit from our efforts. Questions, comments, perspective, everything is fair game.

The NephJC Team

Graham Abra (@GrahamAbra) splits his time between clinical nephrology and administrative work at Satellite Healthcare, a non-profit dialysis provider in the Bay Area, California.

Anna Burgner (@anna_burgner) is the associate nephrology fellowship program director at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her interests include nephrology education, and she has completed a Master's of Education in the Health Professions and is an adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University in the School of Education.

Matthew Graham-Brown (@drmattgb) is a specialist registrar in renal medicine at The John Walls Renal Unit, University Hospitals of Leicester, a doctoral research fellow at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, University of Loughborough, and co-founder and editor of the renal medicine education website RenalMed (@RenalMed). His research interests are in the development of novel cardiac and renal imaging techniques in patients with renal disease.

Hector Madariaga (@HecMagsMD) is currently on a kidney transplantation fellowship at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD, and is also a contributor to the Renal Fellow Network blog.

Suzanne Norby (@SuzanneNorby) is the nephrology fellowship training program director at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and is an associate professor of medicine and vice chair of the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension.

Francesco Iannuzzella (@caioqualunque) is a clinical nephrologist at the Hospital and Cancer Research Institute of Reggio Emilia, Italy. He has co-authored two nephrology textbooks and is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Italian Journal of Nephrology (Giornale Italiano di Nefrologia).

Edgar Lerma (@edgarvlermamd) is nephrology educational coordinator at University of Illinois at Chicago(UIC)/Advocate Christ Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Training Program and is clinical professor of medicine with UIC. He tweets nephrology educational tidbits at #Nephpearls.

Ian Logan (@logiebear111) holds an NIHR clinical lecturership and is a specialty registrar in nephrology in Newcastle, UK. He has a PhD in molecular biology and a research interest in the pathophysiology of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Tom Oates (@toates_19) is an NIHR clinical lecturer at the Centre for Nephrology at University College London. He has clinical interests throughout nephrology and research interests in genome technologies and novel educational techniques in medicine.

Paul Phelan (@paulphel) is an academic clinician at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, where he serves as a consultant nephrologist and renal transplant physician. He is also an editor of the Renal Fellow Network blog.

Michelle Rheault (@rheault_m) is a pediatric nephrologist and dialysis medical director at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital. Her clinical research interests include Alport Syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, and pediatric end-stage renal disease (ESRD). 

Nikhil Shah (@dr_nikhilshah) is a nephrologist currently pursuing a home dialysis therapies fellowship at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. He collects nephrology educational tidbits as a Tweetbook at and is the creator of The Week in Nephrology (TWiN) section of NephJC.

Matthew A. Sparks (@Nephro_Sparks) is a physician scientist at Duke University and Durham VA Medical Centers in Durham, NC. He is also an editor of the Renal Fellow Network blog, an advisory board member of AJKD blog, and the co-creator of NephMadness.

Joel Topf (@kidney_boy) is a full-time clinical nephrologist in Detroit with a long-running blog at He is the co-creator of NephMadness, a nephrology-themed online medical education project, now in its third year.

Swapnil Hiremath (@hswapnil) is a nephrologist at the Ottawa Hospital, teaches at the University of Ottawa, and is an investigator at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

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Prior to the launch of PubMed Commons Journal Clubs, Swapnil Hiremath posted the following comments on behalf of NephJC:

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  • Prognostic Value of Cardiac Troponin in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease Without Suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Michos ED. Ann Intern Med 2014. Comment on 2014 Nov 02.
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  • Educational programs improve the preparation for dialysis and survival of patients with chronic kidney disease. Kurella Tamura M. Kidney Int 2014. Comment on 2014 May 06.

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