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Parks, Recreational

An area of land open to the public for enjoyment.

Year introduced: 2016


hemoglobin Queens Park [Supplementary Concept]

lysine replaces methionine at position 32(B13) of the alpha chain

Date introduced: July 5, 2010


hemoglobin Hagley Park [Supplementary Concept]

has (alpha82Ala-->Thr) substitution; identified in an infant with severe hemolytic anemia

Date introduced: September 27, 2007


hemoglobin Loves Park [Supplementary Concept]

Leu replaced by Phe at beta68 (E12)

Date introduced: May 18, 2006


parkin protein [Supplementary Concept]

an E3 ubiquitin ligase; mutations in gene are linked to Parkinson's disease; amino acid sequence in second source; GenBank AB009973; RefSeq NM_016694 (mouse), NM_013988 (human), NM_020093 (rat)

Date introduced: April 24, 1998


hemoglobin M Akita [Supplementary Concept]

Date introduced: June 27, 1988


hemoglobin F Forest Park [Supplementary Concept]

Ile replaced by Thr at 75(E19) & Asp replaced by Asn at 73(E17) on the gamma globin chain

Date introduced: February 11, 1986


antithrombin III Northwick Park [Supplementary Concept]

variant antithrombin with normal affinity for heparin but reduced heparin cofactor activity

Date introduced: October 25, 1985


Parkinson Disease Associated Proteins

Proteins associated with sporadic or familial cases of PARKINSON DISEASE.

Year introduced: 2017


Animals, Zoo

Animal population groups or individual animals that reside in captivity at a zoological park.

Year introduced: 1968


torrubiellone C [Supplementary Concept]

isolated from spiders in Nam Nao National Park, Thailand; structure in first source

Date introduced: November 8, 2011


SNCA protein, human [Supplementary Concept]

RefSeq NM_007308

Date introduced: July 29, 2005


park protein, Drosophila [Supplementary Concept]

GenBank AY058754; RefSeq NM_168884

Date introduced: June 29, 2004


albumin Rugby Park [Supplementary Concept]

a human albumin variant with glycine to cysteine mutation at position 1 of the 13th intron; truncated to 578 amino acid residues

Date introduced: November 18, 1992


factor IX Lincoln Park [Supplementary Concept]

amino acid sequence given in first source

Date introduced: March 7, 1991


hemoglobin FM Fort Ripley [Supplementary Concept]

Tyr replaced by His at position 92 alpha2gamma2; causes cyanosis in newborns; analogous to the beta-chain adult hemoglobin mutant: hemoglobin M Hyde Park

Date introduced: June 9, 1989

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