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Multiple Myeloma

A malignancy of mature PLASMA CELLS engaging in monoclonal immunoglobulin production. It is characterized by hyperglobulinemia, excess Bence-Jones proteins (free monoclonal IMMUNOGLOBULIN LIGHT CHAINS) in the urine, skeletal destruction, bone pain, and fractures. Other features include ANEMIA; HYPERCALCEMIA; and RENAL INSUFFICIENCY.


Smoldering Multiple Myeloma

An asymptomatic and slow-growing PLASMA CELL dyscrasia characterized by presence of MYELOMA PROTEINS and clonal bone marrow plasma cells without end-organ damage (e.g., renal impairment). It is distinguished from MONOCLONAL GAMMOPATHY OF UNDETERMINED SIGNIFICANCE by a much higher risk of progression to symptomatic MULTIPLE MYELOMA.

Year introduced: 2018


multiple myeloma M-proteins [Supplementary Concept]

monoclonal proteins secreted in MULTIPLE MYELOMA; don't confuse with from the M-line of skeletal muscle see: myomesin

Date introduced: January 27, 1994


TRAPPC1 protein, human [Supplementary Concept]

RefSeq NM_021210

Date introduced: December 10, 1999


multiple myeloma special antigen-8, human [Supplementary Concept]

associated with multiple myeloma

Date introduced: March 5, 2018


MMSA-1 antigen, human [Supplementary Concept]

Date introduced: September 17, 2017

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