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Altered reactivity to an antigen, which can result in pathologic reactions upon subsequent exposure to that particular antigen.

Year introduced: 1966


Drug Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Severe drug eruption characterized by high fever, erythematous rash and inflammation of internal organ(s).

Year introduced: 2014


Nut Hypersensitivity

Allergic reaction to tree nuts that is triggered by the immune system.

Year introduced: 2002


Peanut Hypersensitivity

Allergic reaction to peanuts that is triggered by the immune system.

Year introduced: 2002


Wheat Hypersensitivity

Allergic reaction to wheat that is triggered by the immune system.

Year introduced: 2002


Egg Hypersensitivity

Allergic reaction to eggs that is triggered by the immune system.

Year introduced: 2002


Latex Hypersensitivity

Allergic reaction to products containing processed natural rubber latex such as rubber gloves, condoms, catheters, dental dams, balloons, and sporting equipment. Both T-cell mediated (HYPERSENSITIVITY, DELAYED) and IgE antibody-mediated (HYPERSENSITIVITY, IMMEDIATE) allergic responses are possible. Delayed hypersensitivity results from exposure to antioxidants present in the rubber; immediate hypersensitivity results from exposure to a latex protein.

Year introduced: 2002


Milk Hypersensitivity

Allergic reaction to milk (usually cow's milk) or milk products. MILK HYPERSENSITIVITY should be differentiated from LACTOSE INTOLERANCE, an intolerance to milk as a result of congenital deficiency of lactase.

Year introduced: 1991


Respiratory Hypersensitivity

A form of hypersensitivity affecting the respiratory tract. It includes ASTHMA and RHINITIS, ALLERGIC, SEASONAL.

Year introduced: 1966


Hypersensitivity, Immediate

Hypersensitivity reactions which occur within minutes of exposure to challenging antigen due to the release of histamine which follows the antigen-antibody reaction and causes smooth muscle contraction and increased vascular permeability.

Year introduced: 1966(1965)


Hypersensitivity, Delayed

An increased reactivity to specific antigens mediated not by antibodies but by cells.

Year introduced: 1966(1965)


Food Hypersensitivity

Gastrointestinal disturbances, skin eruptions, or shock due to allergic reactions to allergens in food.

Year introduced: 1966


Drug Hypersensitivity

Immunologically mediated adverse reactions to medicinal substances used legally or illegally.

Year introduced: 1966


Nut and Peanut Hypersensitivity

Allergic reaction to tree nuts and peanuts, including other LEGUMES, that is triggered by the immune system. It includes co-sensitization to other food (e.g., sesame seed).

Year introduced: 2018


Shellfish Hypersensitivity

Allergic reaction to SHELLFISH or shellfish products.

Year introduced: 2016


Vasculitis, Leukocytoclastic, Cutaneous

Disorder characterized by a vasculitic syndrome associated with exposure to an antigen such as a drug, infectious agent, or other foreign or endogenous substance. Its pathophysiology includes immune complex deposition and a wide range of skin lesions. Hypersensitivity or allergy is present in some but not all cases.

Year introduced: 2010 (1995)



Fungal infections caused by TRICHOSPORON that may become systemic especially in an IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HOST. Clinical manifestations range from superficial cutaneous infections to systemic lesions in multiple organs.

Year introduced: 2012


Bird Fancier's Lung

A form of alveolitis or pneumonitis due to an acquired hypersensitivity to inhaled avian antigens, usually proteins in the dust of bird feathers and droppings.

Year introduced: 1991(1977)


Dentin Sensitivity

Pain associated with exposed DENTIN surfaces of the teeth.

Year introduced: 1965


Alveolitis, Extrinsic Allergic

A common interstitial lung disease caused by hypersensitivity reactions of PULMONARY ALVEOLI after inhalation of and sensitization to environmental antigens of microbial, animal, or chemical sources. The disease is characterized by lymphocytic alveolitis and granulomatous pneumonitis.

Year introduced: 1977

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