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Breast Neoplasms

Tumors or cancer of the human BREAST.


Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms

Breast neoplasms that do not express ESTROGEN RECEPTORS; PROGESTERONE RECEPTORS; and do not overexpress the NEU RECEPTOR/HER-2 PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEIN.

Year introduced: 2014


Inflammatory Breast Neoplasms

Metastatic breast cancer characterized by EDEMA and ERYTHEMA of the affected breast due to LYMPHATIC METASTASIS and eventual obstruction of LYMPHATIC VESSELS by the cancer cells.

Year introduced: 2011


Breast Neoplasms, Male

Any neoplasms of the male breast. These occur infrequently in males in developed countries, the incidence being about 1% of that in females.

Year introduced: 1995


Unilateral Breast Neoplasms

Tumors or cancer found specifically in one human BREAST, but not in both.

Year introduced: 2016


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