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A 13-amino acid peptide derived from proteolytic cleavage of ADRENOCORTICOTROPIC HORMONE, the N-terminal segment of ACTH. ACTH (1-13) is amidated at the C-terminal to form ACTH (1-13)NH2 which in turn is acetylated to form alpha-MSH in the secretory granules. Alpha-MSH stimulates the synthesis and distribution of MELANIN in MELANOCYTES in mammals and MELANOPHORES in lower vertebrates.

Year introduced: 1988 (1981)

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Tree Number(s): D06.472.699.327.935.179, D06.472.699.327.935.531.750.050, D06.472.699.631.525.600.179, D06.472.699.631.525.600.531.750.050, D12.644.400.400.935.179, D12.644.400.400.935.531.750.050, D12.644.400.460.050, D12.644.548.365.935.179, D12.644.548.365.935.531.750.050, D12.644.548.691.525.690.179, D12.644.548.691.525.690.531.750.050, D12.776.631.650.405.935.179, D12.776.631.650.405.935.531.750.050, D12.776.631.650.460.050

MeSH Unique ID: D000521

Registry Number: 581-05-5

Entry Terms:

  • alpha MSH
  • alpha-Melanotropin
  • alpha Melanotropin
  • Acetylated ACTH (1-13)NH2
  • alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone
  • Hormone, alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating
  • alpha Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone
  • MSH, alpha
  • ACTH (1-13)NH2
  • (Desacetyl)alpha-MSH
  • DE-alpha-MSH
  • MSH, (Desacetyl)alpha-
  • Des-Acetyl MSH
  • MSH, Des-Acetyl
  • Desacetyl alpha-MSH
  • Desacetyl alpha MSH
  • alpha-MSH, Desacetyl
  • Desacetyl alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone
  • Desacetyl alpha Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone
  • Hormone, Desacetyl alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating
  • alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone, Desacetyl
  • (Des-Acetyl)-alpha-MSH
  • Adrenocorticotropin (1-13)NH2
  • ACTH (1-13)
  • ACTH(1-13)

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