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Trigeminal Nerve

The 5th and largest cranial nerve. The trigeminal nerve is a mixed motor and sensory nerve. The larger sensory part forms the ophthalmic, mandibular, and maxillary nerves which carry afferents sensitive to external or internal stimuli from the skin, muscles, and joints of the face and mouth and from the teeth. Most of these fibers originate from cells of the TRIGEMINAL GANGLION and project to the TRIGEMINAL NUCLEUS of the brain stem. The smaller motor part arises from the brain stem trigeminal motor nucleus and innervates the muscles of mastication.

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Tree Number(s): A08.800.800.120.760

MeSH Unique ID: D014276

Entry Terms:

  • Nerve, Trigeminal
  • Nerves, Trigeminal
  • Trigeminal Nerves
  • Nervus Trigeminus
  • Trigeminus, Nervus
  • Nerve V
  • Nerve Vs
  • Fifth Cranial Nerve
  • Cranial Nerve, Fifth
  • Cranial Nerves, Fifth
  • Fifth Cranial Nerves
  • Nerve, Fifth Cranial
  • Nerves, Fifth Cranial
  • Cranial Nerve V
  • Nerve V, Cranial

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