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Transforming Growth Factor beta1

A subtype of transforming growth factor beta that is synthesized by a wide variety of cells. It is synthesized as a precursor molecule that is cleaved to form mature TGF-beta 1 and TGF-beta1 latency-associated peptide. The association of the cleavage products results in the formation a latent protein which must be activated to bind its receptor. Defects in the gene that encodes TGF-beta1 are the cause of CAMURATI-ENGELMANN SYNDROME.

Year introduced: 2007(1992)

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Tree Number(s): D12.644.276.374.687.100, D12.644.276.954.775.100, D12.776.467.374.687.100, D12.776.467.942.775.100, D23.529.374.687.100, D23.529.942.775.100

MeSH Unique ID: D053773

Entry Terms:

  • Transforming Growth Factor beta I
  • TGF-beta1
  • Transforming Growth Factor-beta1
  • TGF-beta-1
  • TGF beta 1
  • Transforming Growth Factor beta 1 Latency Associated Peptide
  • TGF-beta1 Latency-Associated Protein
  • Latency-Associated Protein, TGF-beta1
  • TGF beta1 Latency Associated Protein
  • TGF-beta1LAP
  • TGF beta1LAP

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