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Transfer RNA Aminoacylation

The conversion of uncharged TRANSFER RNA to AMINO ACYL TRNA.

Year introduced: 2005

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Tree Number(s): G02., G02.111.660.050.860, G02.111.660.871.850, G03.040.055.860, G03.734.050.860, G03.734.871.850

MeSH Unique ID: D046249

Entry Terms:

  • Aminoacylations, Transfer RNA
  • RNA Aminoacylations, Transfer
  • Transfer RNA Aminoacylations
  • tRNA Charging
  • tRNA Chargings
  • Transfer RNA Acylation
  • Acylation, Transfer RNA
  • Acylations, Transfer RNA
  • Transfer RNA Acylations
  • tRNA Amino Acylation
  • Amino Acylation, tRNA
  • tRNA Aminoacylation
  • Aminoacylation, tRNA
  • Aminoacylations, tRNA
  • tRNA Aminoacylations
  • Aminoacylation, Transfer RNA
  • Transfer RNA Amino Acylation
  • Transfer RNA Charging
  • RNA Charging, Transfer
  • Transfer RNA Chargings
  • tRNA Acylation
  • Acylation, tRNA
  • Acylations, tRNA
  • tRNA Acylations
  • Amino Acid Activation, Translational

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