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Theca Cells

The flattened stroma cells forming a sheath or theca outside the basal lamina lining the mature OVARIAN FOLLICLE. Thecal interstitial or stromal cells are steroidogenic, and produce primarily ANDROGENS which serve as precusors of ESTROGENS in the GRANULOSA CELLS.

Year introduced: 1978(1975)

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Tree Number(s): A05.360.319.114.630.535.400, A06.300.312.497.535.600, A11.329.850

MeSH Unique ID: D013799

Entry Terms:

  • Cell, Theca
  • Cells, Theca
  • Theca Cell
  • Ovarian Interstitial Cells
  • Cell, Ovarian Interstitial
  • Cells, Ovarian Interstitial
  • Interstitial Cell, Ovarian
  • Interstitial Cells, Ovarian
  • Ovarian Interstitial Cell
  • Theca Interna
  • Interna, Theca
  • Theca Externa
  • Externa, Theca

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