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Superior Colliculi

The anterior pair of the quadrigeminal bodies which coordinate the general behavioral orienting responses to visual stimuli, such as whole-body turning, and reaching.

Year introduced: 2008 (1971)

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Tree Number(s): A08.

MeSH Unique ID: D013477

Entry Terms:

  • Colliculi, Superior
  • Colliculus, Superior
  • Tectum, Optic
  • Optic Tectum
  • Optic Tectums
  • Tectums, Optic
  • Superior Colliculus
  • Anterior Colliculus
  • Colliculus, Anterior
  • Optic Lobe, Mammalian
  • Mammalian Optic Lobe
  • Mammalian Optic Lobes
  • Optic Lobes, Mammalian
  • Optic Lobe, Human
  • Human Optic Lobe
  • Human Optic Lobes
  • Optic Lobes, Human

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