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Receptor-Interacting Protein Serine-Threonine Kinase 2

A RIP serine-theonine kinase that contains a C-terminal caspase activation and recruitment domain. It can signal by associating with other CARD-signaling adaptor proteins and INITIATOR CASPASES that contain CARD domains within their N-terminal pro-domain region.

Year introduced: 2007(1998)

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Tree Number(s): D08.811.913.696.620.682.700.801.500, D12.644.360.024.131.750, D12.644.360.024.500.186.500, D12.644.360.075.358.750, D12.776., D12.776.157.057.500.186.500, D12.776.476.024.139.750, D12.776.476.024.500.186.500, D12.776.476.075.358.750

MeSH Unique ID: D053475

Registry Number: EC

Entry Terms:

  • Receptor Interacting Protein Serine Threonine Kinase 2
  • Receptor-Interacting Serine-Threonine Kinase 2
  • Receptor Interacting Serine Threonine Kinase 2
  • RIPK2 Protein
  • RICK Protein
  • CARD-containing Interleukin (IL)-1 beta Converting Enzyme

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