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Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-6

A DNA-binding protein that contains an N-terminal BTB (POZ) DOMAIN and C-terminal CYS2-HIS2 ZINC FINGERS. It represses GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION of target genes by recruiting HISTONE DEACETYLASES. Aberrant Blc-6 expression is associated with certain types of human B-CELL LYMPHOMA.

Year introduced: 2006(1993)

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Tree Number(s): D12.776.260.660, D12.776.624.664.700.170, D12.776.930.715

MeSH Unique ID: D051560

Entry Terms:

  • Proto Oncogene Proteins c bcl 6
  • c-bcl-6, Proto-Oncogene Proteins
  • B-Cell Lymphoma 6 Protein
  • B Cell Lymphoma 6 Protein
  • Zinc Finger Protein 51
  • c-bcl-6 Protein
  • c bcl 6 Protein
  • bcl-6 Proto-Oncogene Proteins
  • Proto-Oncogene Proteins, bcl-6
  • bcl 6 Proto Oncogene Proteins
  • c-bcl-6 Proto-Oncogene Proteins
  • Proto-Oncogene Proteins, c-bcl-6
  • c bcl 6 Proto Oncogene Proteins
  • Proto-Oncogene Protein bcl-6
  • Proto Oncogene Protein bcl 6
  • bcl-6, Proto-Oncogene Protein
  • Proto-Oncogene Protein c-bcl-6
  • Proto Oncogene Protein c bcl 6

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