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Protein Disulfide-Isomerases

Sulfur-sulfur bond isomerases that catalyze the rearrangement of disulfide bonds within proteins during folding. Specific protein disulfide-isomerase isoenzymes also occur as subunits of PROCOLLAGEN-PROLINE DIOXYGENASE.

Year introduced: 2008(1998)

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Tree Number(s): D08.811.399.475.800.550

MeSH Unique ID: D019704

Registry Number: EC

Entry Terms:

  • Disulfide-Isomerases, Protein
  • Protein Disulfide Isomerases
  • Disulfide Isomerase
  • Isomerase, Disulfide
  • Glycosylation Site-Binding Protein
  • Glycosylation Site Binding Protein
  • Protein, Glycosylation Site-Binding
  • Site-Binding Protein, Glycosylation
  • Trypanothione-Glutathione Thioltransferase
  • Thioltransferase, Trypanothione-Glutathione
  • Trypanothione Glutathione Thioltransferase
  • Protein Disulfide-Isomerase
  • Disulfide-Isomerase, Protein
  • Sulfhydryl-Disulfide Interchange Enzyme
  • Enzyme, Sulfhydryl-Disulfide Interchange
  • Interchange Enzyme, Sulfhydryl-Disulfide
  • Sulfhydryl Disulfide Interchange Enzyme
  • Thiol-Disulfide Transhydrogenase
  • Thiol Disulfide Transhydrogenase
  • Transhydrogenase, Thiol-Disulfide
  • Disulfide Interchange Enzyme
  • Enzyme, Disulfide Interchange
  • Interchange Enzyme, Disulfide
  • Protein Disulfide Isomerase
  • Disulfide Isomerase, Protein
  • Isomerase, Protein Disulfide

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