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A pancreatic polypeptide of about 110 amino acids, depending on the species, that is the precursor of insulin. Proinsulin, produced by the PANCREATIC BETA CELLS, is comprised sequentially of the N-terminal B-chain, the proteolytically removable connecting C-peptide, and the C-terminal A-chain. It also contains three disulfide bonds, two between A-chain and B-chain. After cleavage at two locations, insulin and C-peptide are the secreted products. Intact proinsulin with low bioactivity also is secreted in small amounts.

Year introduced: 1972

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Tree Number(s): D06.472.699.587.200.500, D12.644.548.586.200.500, D12.776.811.706

MeSH Unique ID: D011384

Registry Number: 9035-68-1

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