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Precursor Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia-Lymphoma

A neoplasm characterized by abnormalities of the lymphoid cell precursors leading to excessive lymphoblasts in the marrow and other organs. It is the most common cancer in children and accounts for the vast majority of all childhood leukemias.

Year introduced: 2008

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Tree Number(s): C04.557.337.428.600, C15.378.508.428.600, C15.604.515.560.600, C20.683.515.528.600

MeSH Unique ID: D054198

Entry Terms:

  • Precursor Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia Lymphoma
  • Lymphoblastic Leukemia
  • Lymphocytic Leukemia, Acute
  • Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Leukemia, Acute Lymphocytic
  • Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Acute
  • Leukemia, Lymphoblastic, Acute
  • Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Acute
  • Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
  • Lymphoma, Lymphoblastic
  • Acute Lymphoid Leukemia
  • Leukemia, Acute Lymphoid
  • Lymphoid Leukemia, Acute
  • Leukemia, Lymphoid, Acute
  • Leukemia, Lymphoblastic
  • Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
  • Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Acute, L1
  • ALL, Childhood
  • Childhood ALL
  • Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Acute, Childhood
  • Leukemia, Lymphoblastic, Acute, L1
  • Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Acute, L1
  • Lymphocytic Leukemia, L1
  • L1 Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Leukemia, L1 Lymphocytic
  • Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Acute, L2
  • Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Acute, Adult
  • Leukemia, Lymphoblastic, Acute, L2
  • Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Acute, L2
  • Lymphocytic Leukemia, L2
  • L2 Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Leukemia, L2 Lymphocytic
  • Leukemia, Lymphoblastic, Acute, Philadelphia-Positive

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