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Plasma Cells

Specialized forms of antibody-producing B-LYMPHOCYTES. They synthesize and secrete immunoglobulin. They are found only in lymphoid organs and at sites of immune responses and normally do not circulate in the blood or lymph. (Rosen et al., Dictionary of Immunology, 1989, p169 and Abbas et al., Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 2d ed, p20)

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Tree Number(s): A11.063.438.725, A11.118.637.555.567.562.725, A15.145.229.637.555.567.562.725, A15.382.032.438.725, A15.382.490.555.567.562.725

MeSH Unique ID: D010950

Entry Terms:

  • Cell, Plasma
  • Cells, Plasma
  • Plasma Cell
  • Plasmacytes
  • Plasmacyte

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