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Periapical Abscess

Acute or chronic inflammation of tissues surrounding the apical portion of a tooth, associated with the collection of pus, resulting from infection following pulp infection through a carious lesion or as a result of an injury causing pulp necrosis. (Dorland, 27th ed)

Year introduced: 1965

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Tree Number(s): C01.830.025.650, C07.320.830.700.700, C07.465.714.306.700.700, C07.465.714.533.487.700

MeSH Unique ID: D010482

Entry Terms:

  • Alveolar Abscess, Apical
  • Abscess, Apical Alveolar
  • Abscesses, Apical Alveolar
  • Alveolar Abscesses, Apical
  • Apical Alveolar Abscess
  • Apical Alveolar Abscesses
  • Dentoalveolar Abscess, Apical
  • Abscess, Apical Dentoalveolar
  • Abscesses, Apical Dentoalveolar
  • Apical Dentoalveolar Abscess
  • Apical Dentoalveolar Abscesses
  • Dentoalveolar Abscesses, Apical
  • Abscess, Periapical
  • Abscesses, Periapical
  • Periapical Abscesses
  • Periapical Periodontitis, Suppurative
  • Periapical Periodontitides, Suppurative
  • Periodontitides, Suppurative Periapical
  • Periodontitis, Suppurative Periapical
  • Suppurative Periapical Periodontitides
  • Suppurative Periapical Periodontitis
  • Periodontitis, Apical, Suppurative

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