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Peptide Elongation Factor 1

Peptide elongation factor 1 is a multisubunit protein that is responsible for the GTP-dependent binding of aminoacyl-tRNAs to eukaryotic ribosomes. The alpha subunit (EF-1alpha) binds aminoacyl-tRNA and transfers it to the ribosome in a process linked to GTP hydrolysis. The beta and delta subunits (EF-1beta, EF-1delta) are involved in exchanging GDP for GTP. The gamma subunit (EF-1gamma) is a structural component.

Year introduced: 2000

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Tree Number(s): D08.811.277.040.330.300.100.101, D12.776.157.325.150.101, D12.776.835.700.350.101

MeSH Unique ID: D020648

Entry Terms:

  • Elongation Factor 1
  • EF-1H
  • EF 1H
  • EF 1
  • EF-1
  • Elongation Factor 1gamma
  • EF-1gamma
  • EF 1gamma
  • Elongation Factor 1delta
  • EF-1delta
  • EF 1delta
  • Elongation Factor 1alpha
  • EF-1alpha
  • EF 1alpha
  • Elongation Factor 1beta
  • EF-1beta
  • EF 1beta

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