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Osmotic Pressure

The pressure required to prevent the passage of solvent through a semipermeable membrane that separates a pure solvent from a solution of the solvent and solute or that separates different concentrations of a solution. It is proportional to the osmolality of the solution.

Year introduced: 1974(1968)

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Tree Number(s): G01.374.715.578, G02.640.249, G02.723.661

MeSH Unique ID: D009997

Entry Terms:

  • Osmotic Pressures
  • Pressure, Osmotic
  • Pressures, Osmotic
  • Hypotonic Stress
  • Hypotonic Stresses
  • Stress, Hypotonic
  • Stresses, Hypotonic
  • Osmotic Shock
  • Osmotic Shocks
  • Shock, Osmotic
  • Shocks, Osmotic
  • Hypertonic Shock
  • Hypertonic Shocks
  • Shock, Hypertonic
  • Shocks, Hypertonic
  • Hypertonic Stress
  • Hypertonic Stresses
  • Stress, Hypertonic
  • Stresses, Hypertonic
  • Hypotonic Shock
  • Hypotonic Shocks
  • Shock, Hypotonic
  • Shocks, Hypotonic
  • Osmotic Stress
  • Osmotic Stresses
  • Stress, Osmotic
  • Stresses, Osmotic

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