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Oncogene Protein p21(ras)

Transforming protein encoded by ras oncogenes. Point mutations in the cellular ras gene (c-ras) can also result in a mutant p21 protein that can transform mammalian cells. Oncogene protein p21(ras) has been directly implicated in human neoplasms, perhaps accounting for as much as 15-20% of all human tumors. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC

Year introduced: 1990

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Tree Number(s): D08.811.277.040.330.300.400.500.300, D12.776.157.325.515.500.300, D12.776.476.338.400.500.300, D12.776.624.664.520.750.710, D12.776.964.700.750.710, D12.776.964.775.750.710

MeSH Unique ID: D015689

Registry Number: EC

Entry Terms:

  • p21 Transforming Viral Protein
  • p21 v-H-ras
  • p21 v H ras
  • v-H-ras, p21
  • p21(v-H-ras)
  • p21 v-Ki-ras
  • p21 v Ki ras
  • v-Ki-ras, p21
  • p21 v-ras
  • p21 v ras
  • v-ras, p21
  • ras Oncogene p21 Product
  • ras Oncogene Product p21
  • p21 v-Ha-ras
  • p21 v Ha ras
  • v-Ha-ras, p21
  • p21(v-Ha-ras)
  • p21(v-K-ras)
  • ras Oncogene Protein p21
  • p21(v-Ki-ras)

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