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Involuntary shock-like contractions, irregular in rhythm and amplitude, followed by relaxation, of a muscle or a group of muscles. This condition may be a feature of some CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES; (e.g., EPILEPSY, MYOCLONIC). Nocturnal myoclonus is the principal feature of the NOCTURNAL MYOCLONUS SYNDROME. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp102-3).

Year introduced: 1963

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Tree Number(s): C10.597.350.500, C23.888.592.350.500

MeSH Unique ID: D009207

Entry Terms:

  • Myoclonic Jerking
  • Jerking, Myoclonic
  • Myoclonic Jerk
  • Jerk, Myoclonic
  • Jerks, Myoclonic
  • Myoclonic Jerks
  • Myoclonus Simplex
  • Simplex, Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Action
  • Action Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Eyelid
  • Eyelid Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Intention
  • Intention Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Upper Extremity
  • Extremity Myoclonus, Upper
  • Upper Extremity Myoclonus
  • Polymyoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Nocturnal
  • Nocturnal Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Sleep
  • Sleep Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Oculopalatal
  • Oculopalatal Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Palatal
  • Palatal Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Segmental
  • Segmental Myoclonus
  • Myoclonus, Lower Extremity
  • Extremity Myoclonus, Lower
  • Lower Extremity Myoclonus

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