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Mice, Inbred Strains

Genetically identical individuals developed from brother and sister matings which have been carried out for twenty or more generations, or by parent x offspring matings carried out with certain restrictions. All animals within an inbred strain trace back to a common ancestor in the twentieth generation.

Year introduced: 1972

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Tree Number(s): B01., B01.050.150.900.649.313.992.635.505.500.400

MeSH Unique ID: D008815

Entry Terms:

  • Inbred Mouse Strains
  • Inbred Mouse Strain
  • Mouse Strain, Inbred
  • Mouse Strains, Inbred
  • Strain, Inbred Mouse
  • Strains, Inbred Mouse
  • Inbred Strain of Mouse
  • Mouse Inbred Strain
  • Mouse Inbred Strains
  • Inbred Strains of Mice
  • Mouse, Inbred Strain
  • Inbred Strain of Mice

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