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Memory Disorders

Disturbances in registering an impression, in the retention of an acquired impression, or in the recall of an impression. Memory impairments are associated with DEMENTIA; CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA; ENCEPHALITIS; ALCOHOLISM (see also ALCOHOL AMNESTIC DISORDER); SCHIZOPHRENIA; and other conditions.

Year introduced: 1969

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Tree Number(s): C10.597.606.525, C23.888.592.604.529, F01.700.625

MeSH Unique ID: D008569

Entry Terms:

  • Memory Disorder
  • Retention Disorders, Cognitive
  • Cognitive Retention Disorder
  • Cognitive Retention Disorders
  • Retention Disorder, Cognitive
  • Memory Loss
  • Memory Losses
  • Memory Disorder, Semantic
  • Memory Disorders, Semantic
  • Semantic Memory Disorders
  • Semantic Memory Disorder
  • Memory Disorder, Spatial
  • Memory Disorders, Spatial
  • Spatial Memory Disorders
  • Spatial Memory Disorder
  • Age-Related Memory Disorders
  • Age Related Memory Disorders
  • Age-Related Memory Disorder
  • Memory Disorder, Age-Related
  • Memory Disorders, Age-Related
  • Memory Disorders, Age Related
  • Memory Deficits
  • Deficit, Memory
  • Deficits, Memory
  • Memory Deficit

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