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Proteolytic enzymes from the serine endopeptidase family found in normal blood and urine. Specifically, Kallikreins are potent vasodilators and hypotensives and increase vascular permeability and affect smooth muscle. They act as infertility agents in men. Three forms are recognized, PLASMA KALLIKREIN (EC, TISSUE KALLIKREIN (EC, and PROSTATE-SPECIFIC ANTIGEN (EC

Year introduced: 2000(1963)

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Tree Number(s): D08.811.277.656.300.760.442, D08.811.277.656.959.350.442, D12.776.124.125.597, D23.119.597

MeSH Unique ID: D007610

Registry Number: EC 3.4.21.-

Entry Terms:

  • Kalliginogenase
  • Kallikrein
  • Kininogenase
  • Callicrein
  • Kallidinogenase
  • Kinin-Forming Enzyme
  • Enzyme, Kinin-Forming
  • Kinin Forming Enzyme
  • Kallikrein Light Chain
  • Light Chain, Kallikrein
  • Padutin
  • Kallikrein A
  • beta-Kallikrein
  • beta Kallikrein
  • beta-Kallikrein B
  • beta Kallikrein B
  • Dilminal
  • Kallikrein B'
  • alpha-Kallikrein
  • alpha Kallikrein

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