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Intra-Abdominal Fat

Fatty tissue inside the ABDOMINAL CAVITY, including visceral fat and retroperitoneal fat. It is the most metabolically active fat in the body and easily accessible for LIPOLYSIS. Increased visceral fat is associated with metabolic complications of OBESITY.

Year introduced: 2006

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Tree Number(s): A10.165.114.830.500.500

MeSH Unique ID: D050152

Entry Terms:

  • Fats, Intra-Abdominal
  • Intra Abdominal Fat
  • Intra-Abdominal Fats
  • Fat, Intra-Abdominal
  • Fat, Intra Abdominal
  • Intra-Abdominal Adipose Tissue
  • Adipose Tissue, Intra-Abdominal
  • Intra Abdominal Adipose Tissue
  • Retroperitoneal Fat
  • Fat, Retroperitoneal
  • Fats, Retroperitoneal
  • Retroperitoneal Fats
  • Retroperitoneal Adipose Tissue
  • Adipose Tissue, Retroperitoneal
  • Visceral Fat
  • Fat, Visceral
  • Fats, Visceral
  • Visceral Fats
  • Abdominal Visceral Fat
  • Abdominal Visceral Fats
  • Fat, Abdominal Visceral
  • Fats, Abdominal Visceral
  • Visceral Adipose Tissue
  • Adipose Tissue, Visceral

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