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Insulin-Like Growth Factor II

A well-characterized neutral peptide believed to be secreted by the LIVER and to circulate in the BLOOD. It has growth-regulating, insulin-like and mitogenic activities. The growth factor has a major, but not absolute, dependence on SOMATOTROPIN. It is believed to be a major fetal growth factor in contrast to INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR I, which is a major growth factor in adults.

Year introduced: 1991(1986)

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Tree Number(s): D12.776.124.862.425

MeSH Unique ID: D007335

Registry Number: 67763-97-7

Entry Terms:

  • Insulin Like Growth Factor II
  • Insulin-Like Somatomedin Peptide II
  • Insulin Like Somatomedin Peptide II
  • Somatomedin A
  • Multiplication-Stimulating Factor
  • Factor, Multiplication-Stimulating
  • Multiplication Stimulating Factor
  • Somatomedin MSA
  • IGF-2
  • IGF-II
  • Multiplication-Stimulating Activity
  • Multiplication Stimulating Activity

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