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I-kappa B Kinase

A protein serine-threonine kinase that catalyzes the PHOSPHORYLATION of I KAPPA B PROTEINS. This enzyme also activates the transcription factor NF-KAPPA B and is composed of alpha and beta catalytic subunits, which are protein kinases and gamma, a regulatory subunit.

Year introduced: 2006(1997)

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Tree Number(s): D08.811.913.696.620.682.700.494, D12.776.476.563.494

MeSH Unique ID: D051550

Registry Number: EC

Entry Terms:

  • B Kinase, I-kappa
  • Kinase, I-kappa B
  • NK-kappa B-Activating Kinase NAK
  • NK kappa B Activating Kinase NAK
  • IkappaB Kinase
  • Kinase, IkappaB
  • I kappa B Kinase
  • IkappaB Kinase beta
  • Kinase beta, IkappaB
  • IKK 2 Kinase
  • IKK beta
  • IkappaB Kinase gamma
  • IKK gamma
  • NF-kappaB Essential Modifier
  • Essential Modifier, NF-kappaB
  • NF kappaB Essential Modifier
  • IkappaB Kinase alpha
  • Kinase alpha, IkappaB
  • IKK 1 Kinase
  • IKK alpha
  • I Kappa B alpha-Associated Protein Kinase
  • I Kappa B alpha Associated Protein Kinase
  • Conserved Helix-Loop-Helix Ubiquitous Kinase
  • Conserved Helix Loop Helix Ubiquitous Kinase
  • CHUK Kinase
  • IkappaBalpha Kinase
  • IkappaB Kinase epsilon
  • Kinase epsilon, IkappaB
  • IKK epsilon
  • IKKepsilon

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