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Glutathione Transferase

A transferase that catalyzes the addition of aliphatic, aromatic, or heterocyclic FREE RADICALS as well as EPOXIDES and arene oxides to GLUTATHIONE. Addition takes place at the SULFUR. It also catalyzes the reduction of polyol nitrate by glutathione to polyol and nitrite.

Year introduced: 1977

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Tree Number(s): D08.811.913.225.500

MeSH Unique ID: D005982

Registry Number: EC

Entry Terms:

  • Transferase, Glutathione
  • Glutathione S-Alkyltransferase
  • Glutathione S Alkyltransferase
  • S-Alkyltransferase, Glutathione
  • Glutathione S-Aryltransferase
  • Glutathione S Aryltransferase
  • S-Aryltransferase, Glutathione
  • Glutathione S-Epoxidetransferase
  • Glutathione S Epoxidetransferase
  • S-Epoxidetransferase, Glutathione
  • S-Hydroxyalkyl Glutathione Lyase
  • Glutathione Lyase, S-Hydroxyalkyl
  • Lyase, S-Hydroxyalkyl Glutathione
  • S Hydroxyalkyl Glutathione Lyase
  • Glutathione Transferases
  • Transferases, Glutathione
  • Heme Transfer Protein
  • Protein, Heme Transfer
  • Transfer Protein, Heme
  • Ligandin
  • Ligandins
  • Glutathione Organic Nitrate Ester Reductase
  • Glutathione S-Transferase
  • Glutathione S Transferase
  • S-Transferase, Glutathione
  • Glutathione S-Transferase A
  • Glutathione S Transferase A
  • S-Transferase A, Glutathione
  • Glutathione S-Transferase B
  • Glutathione S Transferase B
  • S-Transferase B, Glutathione
  • Yb-Glutathione-S-Transferase
  • Glutathione S-Transferase P
  • Glutathione S Transferase P
  • P, Glutathione S-Transferase
  • S-Transferase P, Glutathione
  • Glutathione Transferase E
  • Transferase E, Glutathione
  • Glutathione Transferase mu
  • Transferase mu, Glutathione
  • Glutathione S-Transferase 3
  • Glutathione S Transferase 3
  • S-Transferase 3, Glutathione
  • Glutathione S-Transferase III
  • Glutathione S Transferase III
  • S-Transferase III, Glutathione
  • Glutathione S-Transferase C
  • Glutathione S Transferase C
  • S-Transferase C, Glutathione

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