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Focal Adhesions

An anchoring junction of the cell to a non-cellular substrate. It is composed of a specialized area of the plasma membrane where bundles of the ACTIN CYTOSKELETON terminate and attach to the transmembrane linkers, INTEGRINS, which in turn attach through their extracellular domains to EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX PROTEINS.

Year introduced: 2001

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Tree Number(s): A11.

MeSH Unique ID: D022001

Entry Terms:

  • Adhesion, Focal
  • Adhesions, Focal
  • Focal Adhesion
  • Focal Contacts
  • Contact, Focal
  • Contacts, Focal
  • Focal Contact
  • Adhesion Plaques
  • Adhesion Plaque
  • Plaque, Adhesion
  • Plaques, Adhesion
  • Cell-Matrix Adherens Junctions
  • Adherens Junction, Cell-Matrix
  • Adherens Junctions, Cell-Matrix
  • Cell Matrix Adherens Junctions
  • Cell-Matrix Adherens Junction
  • Junction, Cell-Matrix Adherens
  • Junctions, Cell-Matrix Adherens

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