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Ear, Inner

The essential part of the hearing organ consists of two labyrinthine compartments: the bony labyrinthine and the membranous labyrinth. The bony labyrinth is a complex of three interconnecting cavities or spaces (COCHLEA; VESTIBULAR LABYRINTH; and SEMICIRCULAR CANALS) in the TEMPORAL BONE. Within the bony labyrinth lies the membranous labyrinth which is a complex of sacs and tubules (COCHLEAR DUCT; SACCULE AND UTRICLE; and SEMICIRCULAR DUCTS) forming a continuous space enclosed by EPITHELIUM and connective tissue. These spaces are filled with LABYRINTHINE FLUIDS of various compositions.

Year introduced: 2006 (1963)

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Tree Number(s): A09.246.300

MeSH Unique ID: D007758

Entry Terms:

  • Ears, Inner
  • Inner Ears
  • Inner Ear
  • Ear, Internal
  • Ears, Internal
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  • Internal Ears
  • Labyrinth
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  • Membranous Labyrinth
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  • Membranous Labyrinths
  • Bony Labyrinth
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  • Labyrinth, Bony
  • Labyrinths, Bony

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