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DNA Glycosylases

A family of DNA repair enzymes that recognize damaged nucleotide bases and remove them by hydrolyzing the N-glycosidic bond that attaches them to the sugar backbone of the DNA molecule. The process called BASE EXCISION REPAIR can be completed by a DNA-(APURINIC OR APYRIMIDINIC SITE) LYASE which excises the remaining RIBOSE sugar from the DNA.

Year introduced: 2004

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Tree Number(s): D08.811.074.249, D08.811.277.450.430.099

MeSH Unique ID: D045647

Registry Number: EC 3.2.2.-

Entry Terms:

  • Glycosylases, DNA
  • DNA Glycosylase
  • Glycosylase, DNA
  • DNA N-glycosidase
  • DNA N glycosidase
  • Methylpurine DNA Glycosylase
  • DNA Glycosylase, Methylpurine
  • Glycosylase, Methylpurine DNA

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