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Complement Pathway, Mannose-Binding Lectin

Complement activation triggered by the interaction of microbial POLYSACCHARIDES with serum MANNOSE-BINDING LECTIN resulting in the activation of MANNOSE-BINDING PROTEIN-ASSOCIATED SERINE PROTEASES. As in the classical pathway, MASPs cleave COMPLEMENT C4 and COMPLEMENT C2 to form C3 CONVERTASE (C4B2A) and the subsequent C5 CONVERTASE (C4B2A3B) leading to cleavage of COMPLEMENT C5 and assembly of COMPLEMENT MEMBRANE ATTACK COMPLEX.

Year introduced: 2003

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Tree Number(s): G12.274.849

MeSH Unique ID: D037582

Entry Terms:

  • Complement Pathway, Mannose Binding Lectin
  • Lectin-Complement Pathway
  • Lectin Complement Pathway
  • Lectin-Complement Pathways
  • Pathway, Lectin-Complement
  • Pathways, Lectin-Complement
  • Mannan-Binding Lectin Complement Pathway
  • Mannan Binding Lectin Complement Pathway
  • Mannose-Binding Lectin Complement Pathway
  • Mannose Binding Lectin Complement Pathway
  • Mannan-Binding Lectin Pathway (Complement Activation)
  • Lectin Pathway, Mannan-Binding (Complement Activation)
  • Lectin Pathways, Mannan-Binding (Complement Activation)
  • Mannan Binding Lectin Pathway (Complement Activation)
  • Mannan-Binding Lectin Pathways (Complement Activation)
  • Pathway, Mannan-Binding Lectin (Complement Activation)
  • Pathways, Mannan-Binding Lectin (Complement Activation)

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